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Flamenco Calendar 2017

13 photos - 9x18cm
November 23, 2016
Photos: Ana Palma

The Flamenco Calendar is free with all orders placed at our store, while supplies last. You can search the store for a recording, book, DVD, shoes, fans, skirts, shawls, fabric, etc.  We include 1 calendar with each order. Flamenco shop online

You just want the calendar? It can be purchased for 6 euros, and since that would also be an order, we send you another one free.

Do you want more calendars?  Maybe you have a flamenco association, a school, a group of friends…we offer a variety of packs, what we want is to distribute throughout the world.

- PACK 3 calendars (click here) 12 Euros. (+ 1 free)
- PACK 6 calendars (click here) 18 Euros. (+ 1 free)
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If you don’t know how to make a purchase, here are our recommendations:


Portada: Sara Baras


Enero: Juan Habichuela


Febrero: Manuel Liñán

Marzo: Remedios Amaya

Abril: Antonio El Pipa

Mayo: María Terremoto

Junio: Dani de Morón

Julio: Juan Peña El Lebrijano

Agosto: Eva Yerbabuena

Septiembre: El Bo

Octubre: Manuela Carpio

Noviembre: Antonio Reyes

Diciembre: Ana Morales