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Argentina at the Residencia de Estudiantes, photos & videos

Singer Argentina performed at the gardens of the Residencia de Estudiantes with José Quevedo on guitar, Torombo and Diego Montoya on compás and back-up.
July 11, 2016
Rafael Manjavacas

Last Wednesday, July 6th, singer Argentina appeared within the series Flamenco en los Jardines de la Residencia de Estudiantes.  A magnificent venue, and magnificent recital was offered by Argentina, expertly accompanied by José Quevedo "Bolita" on guitar, and Torombo and Diego Amaya on back-up and rhythm.  Marianas and tangos, followed by serrana, milonga, soleá, malagueña, granaína and abandolao.  It was a stormy evening in Madrid, electric charges, lightning, thunder and flamenco. 

Bolita's  guitar solo came with the first drops of rain, and we stuck it out!  "This is the first time this has happened to me" said Argentina, but she wasn't going to be the one to abandon the stage, with the mikes removed in order to avoid electric shock.  Performers and audience alike took shelter inside, but there wasn't room for everyone, in the end some left and others waited.  Argentina and Bolita improvised their concert in the inner rooms, and the flamenco kept flowing, although not for everyone. A situation that was problematic for those who wanted to enter but didn't fit.


Argentina & Bolita


Argentina en la Residencia de Estudiantes