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Taller Flamenco is a learning centre for Flamenco and Spanish Language
April 6, 2017


Foto ContenidoTaller Flamenco is a learning centre for Flamenco and Spanish Language that was founded in Seville in 1994. The growing interest that already existed in flamenco all over the world, as a true cultural manifestation, as well as the attraction this art form, held for the non-Spanish public at large, led a group of young university students to set up a Taller Cultural which would, at the same time, be a flamenco school and place of encounter for these hundreds of young people who were beginning to love flamenco and the city of Seville as one of the epicentres of flamenco art.

This original motivation is what continues to encourage the group of people who now comprise Taller Flamenco and whose staff, years after its formation, now includes a total of 12 people, between administrative workers and teachers.

At present, Taller Flamenco has the pleasure of attending to an average of 600 people, flamenco students who can gather for this encounter, for many of whom Taller Flamenco is their first contact with the ins and outs of Andalusian-flamenco art.

Regular courses 

Any time of year is perfect for visiting Seville and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of its streets. And Taller Flamenco always has its doors open for all the "aficionaos" who wish to come and perfect their knowledge of the art of flamenco and Andalusian culture.

All year long we organize courses of Flamenco Dance (choreography), Technique for Flamenco Dance, Flamenco Guitar, Compás and Palmas, Singing, Percussion as well as the Spanish language. It's up to you to decide the duration of the course(s) week by week, and when to begin them.

Dance & technique      Guitar     Compás & palmas      Singing   Percussion      Spanish language



Special courses

In addition to its Regular Courses, Taller Flamenco also organizes other specifically designed courses at different times of the year.

Estaciones Flamencas

  •  March
  •  June
  • August

Combinaciones de arte

  •  February
  •  November

Todo compás

  • May
  •  May


Velá Sta. Ana

  •  July

Cursos con mucho arte

  •  August
  •  September

Flamenco weekend

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • autumn


Dates of Interest


  • Semana Santa
  • Feria de Abril
  • Velá Sta. Ana


Courses for groups

Taller itinerante





C/ Peral, 49 - 1ª planta
E-41002 Sevilla

Tel.: (+34) 954 56 42 34
Fax: (+34) 954 56 40 66



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