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February 6, 2013

Flamenco Studio was opened in 2011. It arises from the idea of Esther Velez,professional dancer, who turns to teaching after a long career on stage. Summons fellowflamenco lovers of this art, that throughout his career have gained experiences that youwant to share through teaching. His artistic and teaching experience makes it a guarantee for your learning.

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Our academic studies at the  Conservatory of Dance and Music of Seville, Cordoba and Malaga, augmented by masters of the calibre of Mario Maya, Ana M ª Bueno, Manolo Marín, Toná, José Galván, Matilde Coral, Eduardo Rebollar, Niño de Pura, Paco Romero, Paco Pozo... culminating in a degree in Dance Pedagogy. 

We have had the opportunity to tour theatres all over the world (France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Kuwait, Dubai, USA, Mexico, Japan, China ...) and shared stages alongside Flamenco greats such as Juan Manuel Cañizares Flamenco, Manuel de Paula, Esperanza Fernández, Manuela Carrasco, Rocío Molina, Belen Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, amongst others, and to form part of major dance companies such as the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, Compañía de Cristina Hoyos, Compañía de Eva la Yerbabuena, Compañía de Aída Gómez and the Compañía de Andrés Marín... Estudio Flamenco's teachers have participated in many Flamenco festivals among which include the Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez and La Noche Blanca de Flamenco in Cordoba ... 

Their careers are compounded in the tablaos of Seville, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona ... (El Arenal, Los gallos, El Patio Sevillano, Palacio Andaluz, Casa de la Memoria, Cueva de la Rocío, Los Tarantos, El Albaicín, Café de Chinitas, Casa Patas, Corral de la Morería, El Cordobés…)

As for teaching, we have taught at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Seville, and numerous dance schools and intensive courses in and outside Spain, at all levels and for all ages.


Estudio Flamenco offers a wide variety of courses:


These courses are programmed for a complete season, usually from October to June. In this kind of lessons contents are developed gradually so that students have time to learn and to work better.

We have courses for kids from 3-4 years old to 11-12 years old in different discipline: Ballet, Creative Dance, Sevillanas and Flamenco.

For adults we have Sevillanas lessons beginners and advanced level, castanets and flamenco courses at all levels, as well as courses of percussion, guitar and flamenco singing. We have also included a course of flamenco pattern fashion so that students can make their own creations.

We also offer the possibility to rent our rooms to rehears, to teach...


Throughout the year Estudio Flamenco is pleased to invite highly qualified artists offering courses for short periods of time such as a week or even a month.

We had the privilege of having artists such as Jose Antonio Rodriguez (guitarist), and dancers like Francis Nunez, Pastora Galván, Soraya Clavijo and Belén Maya.


These courses are for students who are focused short periods of time or who want to improve their knowledge of an individual or group. Some examples are:

- First contact with flamenco. Course for students who want to have a first experience with flamenco.

- Week technique or choreography.

- Weekend flamenco.

- Sevillanas intensive.

- Management of supplements. Exclusively for students who want to work as a supplement in particular tail coat, shawl, castanets or fan ....

- Assembly of choreography. Package prepared to choreograph the dance only interests the student / os.




Estudio Flamenco wants to offer you the possibility of designing your own course.

We offer a wide range of possibilities on our website, but if none comes close to your preferences and you need another type of course, we would like to give you what you want.

Tell us your idea, whether you prefer group or individual lessons, what date and time matchs you, what price would you pay ... When it is possible for us, we will make a personal package with your data, whichappear on the main page and you can buy through our website.


There is a wide variety of performances, tell us what you want and we will accommodate your needs with a quality show.

Estudio Flamenco has professional dancers, singers, players and percussionists who have worked on stages around the world within renowned flamenco companies.


We have all kinds of articles for sale: Dance skirts, flowers, earrings, peinecillos, mantones, fans-pericones, castanets, flamenco shoes ...


Estudio Flamenco can offer accommodation close by, from hotels to apartments and studios.